# NoBD HDD Guide

# Setup

# What you need

  • 32GB USB (3.0 is the best)
  • Backup your HDD using the NoBD Toolkit's Backup Required HDD Partitions Option
  • New HDD


Important: Format the New HDD using another PS4 (reinstall FW) or by writing a image of a PS4 HDD to it (you only need its partition table)


# WinHex

WinHEX Pro (Paid) (opens new window) or Any Program that allows you to Write partitions 1 by 1 manually IS REQUIED You can Pirate WinHEX HERE (opens new window)

Experts can just use HxD for free (not recommanded for end users)

  • Open WinHex as Admin
  • Click the Open Disk Option and select the new HDD thats now PS4 Formatted


# Partitions

On Your USB you will find the following files (partitions) in the NoBD folder

Partition File Name Size
da0x0.bin preinst 512MBs
da0x1.bin preinst2 1GB
da0x2.bin eap_kern 16MBs
da0x3.bin eap_vsh 120MBs
da0x4.bin system 1GB
da0x4b.bin system(b) 1GB
da0x5.bin system_ex 1GB
da0x5b.bin system_ex(b) 1GB
da0x9.bin system_data 8GBs
da0x14.bin eap_user 1GB


# Write Partitions

UART IS HIGHLY RECOMMANDED Basically you have to match partitions by pattern and size (pattern should be similar to the USB Parition table above)

Example is the System partitions, they are ALWAYS in the following pattern of 4 sometimes the b paritions switch places with the non-b partitions, if it fails at first try switch them

Name Size
system 1GB
system(b) 1GB
system_ex 1GB
system_ex(b) 1GB

as for system_data theres only 1 8GB partitions by eap_user and theres only 1 16MB partition, you get where im going with this just follow the table pattern and sizes and you should be fine

# How to write partitions with WinHex

  • Copy the 1st sector number
  • Go to Disk Tools > Clone Disk
  • Past the 1st sector number in the Start Sector box
  • Select the partition bin file as the Source
  • Select the Physical Disk your writing to
  • Write and press OK to all messages


# Final Step


After you have written all the partitions do the following steps

  • Plug the HDD into the PS4


  • Connect controller and Select Initialise PS4 this will recreate the rest of the partitions like the user part.

  • Reboot the PS4

  • Check UART if it fails to boot for any reason, and try to switch the B partitions