# NoBD Starter Guide

# FWs Lower than 4.74

Sony introduced drive checks starting with Firmware 5.00, So Sony allows every version under 4.74 to update with no Disc/BD drive to 4.74 (NOT any higher!)

For ANY PS4 Firmware / System Software version under 4.74, including but not limited to 4.55

  • Update to 4.74
  • Use the Guide for 4.74 after updating to 4.74


# Supported Firmwares and Info

PS4 System Software # NoBD Payload USB.ELF Needed Exploitable
4.74 * *
5.0x * *
5.05 * * *
5.5X * *
6.0x * *
6.20 * * *
6.5x * *
6.7x * *
7.0X * * *
7.5X * * *
9.00 *


# Setup

⚠️ Make sure your PS4's Disc Drive is FULLY disconnected or Risk bootlooping until its removed.

# What You Need


# Prepare USB

Extract nobd-payloads.zip and open the folder with your Firmware Version

  1. rename PUP file to PS4UPDATE.PUP and format your USB as FAT32/EXFAT
  2. Copy PS4UPDATE.PUP to the Root of your USB or PS4/UPDATE/PS4UPDATE.PUP
  3. Copy NoBD ToolKit .pkg to the root of your USB
  4. (If required see Supported Firmwares and Info) copy USB.ELF (from the FW Folder) to the root of your USB



# Backing Up

You can backup your Console incase of brick or if the HDD Dies to a USB with the following toolkit Options

  • Dump sflash
  • Backup Required HDD Partitions (16GBs required and takes 30 mins to a few hours)


# Loading the NoBD Payload

  • Plug in the USB into the PS4 with USB.ELF
  • Go to PS4 Exploits (opens new window) on your PS4
  • Select your Firmware Version
  • Download this Payload Sender (opens new window)
  • Open the tool and type in your PS4s IP Address and select 5.05 (Version doesnt matter)
  • Press Connect, Select the Payload and press send after loading the exploit on your PS4 successfully


# Updating

  • Unplug your BD Drive physically from the PS4
  • on PS4, Goto Settings -> Debug Settings -> Game -> Package Installer
  • Select the NoBD Toolkit PKG
  • Open the APP after its installed via the Home menu
  • Select Update with No Disc Drive
  • if it says V9.00 it Next
  • Accept the Terms and Update
  • (Optional) Donate here (opens new window)


# TroubleShooting

  • Problem: My PS4 just has an OK button and restarts

  • Answer:

    • Reason: If you see this screen it means your BD drive is half way broken and is sending gerbish to the PS4 via SCSI (BD drive chips)
    • Solution: on Fat models just simply and completely unplug the BD drive, on slim and pros you need desolder the fuses Labeled F6202 and F6201 that are next to where you plug in the BD drive on the Motherboard
    • Why: This is done as brick protection or as a Safety check it ensures that everyone has the same updating environment, after all you don't want something telling your PS4 gerbish while updating
  • Problem: It says No Update found or No Supported update found

  • Answer: make sure your USB is FAT32/EXFAT Formatted and you downloaded the 9.00 SYSTEM pup and NOT Recovery and that its also name PS4UPDATE.PUP on the ROOT of your USB

  • Problem: My PS4 is on 6.xx or 7.xx and its kernel panics (turns off) when sending the payload

  • Answer: Keep trying until it works those FWs are unstable and may take a few times to work

  • Problem: I have an issue NOT covered on here

  • Answer: come to our discord HERE (opens new window) and send us this File from the NoBD folder on your USB NoBD.log